Crazy King

Dear Mother

Dear Mother,

It may strike you as odd that I am writing you only a few months after having left, so let me first put one concern to rest: I am well. That being said, it has been a struggle getting here. There have been battles. Many have suffered, at least as many have died. In all honesty, I did not expect to survive the latest battle.

Again, I am well.

As you have likely gathered much has occurred. I would rather not dredge up just now everything that has transpired, so I’ll provide a summary: The city of Karsis had been beset upon by a powerful evil these past few months, and I have tagged along with a band of misfits who made it their mission to stop that evil. Oh, and we won. I suppose the destination can be better than the journey. That’s what I tell myself now anyway.

Really, I’m fine.

Although I am a little disappointed. I had planned to travel widely, the wider the better, but now I seem to be stuck here in Karsis. No, actually that’s not right. Stuck isn’t the right word. Tethered perhaps. I had envisioned choosing a more permanent home from a list compiled after a lengthy journey, each locale bringing with it fond memories. In thinking on it I realise I have journeyed. The memories are pleasant less often than I would have liked, but that is the way of things I think. I do like it here. Karsis will be my home for at least as long as my tether is here.

She’s really something, you should meet her one day.

I have a favour to ask. My companions and I are in search of old dragons, the older the better really, and preferably friendly ones. We’re hoping to ask them about something called the god-killer, or god-slayer, you get the idea. Currently the plan is to visit Aria but I relish neither the idea of more cold or red dragons, so, if in your travels you have heard anything, please let me know. I can be reached more or less reliably in Karsis.

Please send my love to my brothers and sisters, and while my adventures have been every bit as stupendous as I told them they would be, it may be best if they continued to believed my exhortations extravagant. Tell my father that I have both acquired and spent in equal measure more wealth than I ever imagined I’d lay my eyes upon. I’m sure he’ll find that amusing, if not heartbreaking.

I will try to visit as soon as it is practical. Perhaps I will visit without ever having delivered this letter.

Hoping you are well, with love,




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