Crazy King

Dear Uncle Bajjer

SO! I’m actually BOTHERING to write something down for once, which is a huge stretch for me, but I figure if I can find a wizard that is good at sending messages (no offense to Laji, but he just blows shit up better that a badger can woop ass) then I need to get at least this, if not a more in depth explanation of my adventure to my Uncle. We have survived a zomblie apocalypse and now need to take out the head honcho. Signior “The Foe”. I’m with Laji and the gang one hundred percent on this but how are we supposed to deal with a crazy and powerful being that can control undead and demonic hordes and SOMEHOW steal his scepter back?! LIKE, WHAT THE HELL MAN! Uncle, if you have received this then I hope you are ok and I assure you that at the time of preparing this I am fine as well. I am a tad shaken by the sheer loss that occured defending this town but we must make “The Foe” pay for this.I do not plan on dying (again) and I swear that I WILL find you! Also, How’s life? What’s new? I’m sure you have put down a couple undead hordes, or dragon kings…. or whatever else you casually walk through nowadays.

Love you lots!



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