Crazy King

Entry.... well, who cares what number, Entry!

So, my friends are certainly smart. Werevolt surprisingly pulled an idea out of his ass, can you call that his ass anymore? I’ll have to check with my family when I get home. How the hell am I going to convince him to come home with me. Maybe a feast would work? Royal style. My aunt has put on enough royal style dinners I’m sure she could do something. Anyways! There was this slight… issue…. where both Brian and Werevolt had a loved one threatened. We were only supposed to have time to save one or the other. Werevolt has designed a way to get both of them, with a little help from out friends in Karsus and most of the magical finesse of our group of merry men. I let them figure it out because I feel more like an addition to the party than a part of it. I’m here to help them so that they might help me. Also, Laji is amazing and amusing. He has to meet my family, they could take him to the firing range. I’m sure they’d be impressed. While they worked out that plan, which is remarkable and much different than I put forward as our plan of attack, I polished up our horse. Had a couple vials of some magical oils so I figured, magical oils to polish a magical horse. Only fitting right? Not like we were using them anyways. So currently, were speeding along to our first destination, going to save that person, then do some magical teleportation and if all goes well save the other person as well. then back to finding The Foe. DUN DUN DUN! Ever find it amusing how well that translates into writing?



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