Crazy King

Feels like home again

Let the siege begin.

I don’t know if I’m going to survive to see another sunrise, Hell i don’t even know if I’ll live to see midnight. But, One thing i know for certain is I wont be alone.

My stalwart companions will be with me through this darkest of nights. Laji, Gerble, Imian, Cora, and even Brian. Not a single one of these souls has left mine untouched, And i will be dead and cold in the ground before I let The Foe get his greasy palms on one of them.

If i am to die here this day, whoever finds this letter on my corpse, run to Aria. Do not look back for any reason. Present this letter to the leader of any of the provinces and the full might of my country shall be brought into motion. If the city of Karsis shall fall today. The foe Will not see the end of the year. that is my final promise.

Ungar Werevolt – Heir to the province of Werevolt.



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