Crazy King

The Adventure of a Lifetime: Meeting Laji and Co.

Ok, let me get this down on paper because I know Uncle Bajjer will ask for the details on this grand adventure! So, what started with a bad series of events led to me meeting the weirdest assortment of lads. One minute I’m with my uncle and then weeks later I’m being saved by these people. Who was to know I’d get attached to them. Well, I’ve just been a tag along this whole time. Helping where I could. Not really feeling like I was there to do more than be a tool. It was their business so what say did I have in it. I just did what was asked. As I stayed longer thing became more comfy with them.

They are a strange bunch. Werevolt, by far the most outwardly strange, is a part dragon… thing?…. that is designed to just put a hole in anything in it’s way. Wait, HIS way. He’s a good guy though and has shown interest in a more regimented system of combat. I will teach him what I can. This is going to be quite a ride!

Laji, my main gnome, is the one I took as my main charge for protecting. Though, I do feel a sense of protection for everyone now, Laji is a sensitive gnome inside and I need to protect that. No one, and I mean NO ONE, is going to get away with permanently harming my Laji. He’s my original entry into the party and a fellow gnome. He’s my gnome while we roam.

Imian, the face of the group. DEFINATELY the most attractive, in every sense of the word, human I have EVER met. He’s quite a guy and I feel like he doesn’t hate me AS much nowadays. Great ideas flow from his beautiful mind like wine from a bottle. The party would not be as much fun were he not there.

Brian. What can I say of him. I knew him not long. He was a dear member of the party’s and has passed for the second time from what I know of him. He was quite powerful and a key component to the group. Without him, I worry the group may fail where it shouldn’t and falter when it should flutter. I look forward to him coming back one day. Everything happens in threes you know.

Finally, what brings us to the here and now. The Foe. King Regulos. By far the silliest and most useless I have EVER felt. He was by far the strongest thing I have faced myself. The tale of the fight will be a tale I can not put to pen but must be passed on in story. The weaving and slashing of everyones weapons and spells can only be appreciated with the right inflections and body motions. My uncle taught me to tell stories, good ones anyways, with your whole body. You are trying to give people not only something to hear but something to see. Something to fuel their imagination and remove themselves from their world.

So, we are done! For now. I feel like we shall take a rest, even if slight, and move on to our next big problem. We always seem to be on some type of time frame, other than our lifespan. So inconvenient when I’m trying to find you Uncle.



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