The Swift


Cr:10; Size:S, Space: 5’, Type: Humanoid(Gnome)
Warblade 10; HD 10d12 + 40; HP: 127
Init: + 3; Spd: 30ft.
AC: 22,24,26,28, touch:15,17,19,21, flat-footed:22,24,26,28
Base attack + 10/5; Grapple: 9
Attack: + 15 Melee (d10
4 /x3, Great Axe) or Manuever
Full Attack: + 15/10 Melee (d10+4/x3, Great Axe)
Special Attacks: Manuevers
Special Qualities: Gnomeyness. Stances
Alignment: CN
Saves: 11/6(7)/+4
Abilities: Str:16, Dex:16, Con:18, Int:13, Wis:12, Char:9

Skills: Balance + 16, Climb + 12, Concentration + 22, Jump +21, Intimidate +0, Tumble +15

Feats: Unnerving Calm, Dodge, Titan-fighting, Improved Toughness, Adaptive Style, Martial Study-Shadow Hand, Combat Reflexes, Faster Healing, Innattentive, Shaky.

Possesions: Ring of Protection +1, Guantlets of Ogre Power, +2 Mithril Breastplate, Tunic of Steady Spellcasting, Healing Belt, Stone Dragon Diamond Mind +1 Great Axe, Replenishing Skin, Backpack, Belt Pouch, Climbing kit, Cold Weather Outfit, Flint and Steel, Rations -14 days, Silk Rope (100’), Winter Blanket, Oil of Greater Magic Weapon x2, Potion of Aid, Potion of Resist Energy Fire, Ring of Jumping. 4pp, 5gp

Total Weight: tbd lb. Light Load:0-76lb. Medium Load:77-153lb. Heavy Load:154-230lb.

Manuevers: Moment of Perfect Mind, Mithril Tornado, Leading the Attack, Wall of Blades, Insightful Strike, Iron Heart Surge, White Raven Tactics, Shadow Jaunt, Rapid Counter

Stances: Hunter’s Stance, Stone Foot Stance, Press the Advantage


Jerble the Swift
Son of Papa Bear and Mother Goose

Jerble was born into an odd family of gnomish wizards and sorcerors. The oddity amongst his family was their naming system. Each individual was named after the first creature he or she tried to talk to. Needless to say, calling for someone could be difficult at times, so breed was also implemented for certain animals. Within his first year Jerble was visited by a family of gerbles out in the garden while Mother Goose was weeding and talking ensued. From that day forward he was known as Jerble.
As he grew up he learned of the world in which he lived as far as his family saw it. The basics of the races and cities nearby. Of the wild that surrounded their home. Most importantly he was taught about the arcane. As the years went by his family grew to understand he held no aptitude for learning the arcane. They held hope that he would develop the powers of a sorceror as some of the family had. Another decade and nothing. And then a surprise visited the household.
That day an uncle Jerble had never met came singing down the lane. The family all greeted this traveller with warmth and affection but Jerble was confused. He was introduced to his Uncle Bajjer and they quickly grew close. Uncle Bajjer told many the tale, oft accompanied by swordsplay. This interested Jerble more than anything had so far in his life. He asked his uncle to teach him and his uncle was more than pleased to do so. The family agreed that it would be best for Jerble and when it came time for Uncle Bajjer to leave, he took Jerble with him.
Life on the road was exciting for Jerble. Having been stuck in the household area for his whole life he relished the openness and adventure. He grew fond of the blade and grew better by the day. He also built himself up over the constant travelling. Oft being passed by the large folk, he practised and pushed himself to keep up with them. After years he managed to achieve just that, moving at their speed without ausing himself too much grief.
A big part of their nights were spent talking about tales of old. This hero and what he did, that relic and it’s mystical powers. Uncle Bajjer’s stories were endless and wonderous. Anything to do with weapons were what interested Jerble the most. One particular caught his eye as their travels reached far adn wide, the story about The Nine Swords. He wanted to learn more about them and what they had to offer him. His uncle also told him of the warriors that trained under their concepts and that set them off on their first real set adventure.
And so they set out on their first adventure. Goal: to find someone who pracitsed the disciplines of the Nine Swords. Jerble wanted to become as good as the warriors of legend. Their adentures brought them nothing but disappointment and grief. Inquiring at a city got them ridiculed for thinking that such a set of weapons or warriors existed, that it was just a legend and nothing more. they however did not give up hope. They pushed on and in a costal town they repeated their searches to a much different result.
Their searches were initially ridiculed but on their last planned night in the city, they sat in their room, planning their next path when they heard a knock on their door. At the door was a man who called himself Stephanios. He had heard of their inquiries and had been following them for a good while to see if their intentions were true or mere greed. He wished to fullfil Jerbles desire to learn of the disciplines. He offered to travel with them and train Jerble in exchange for their help in a mission of his own. He was looking for his lost brother Goomba. Jerble and Uncle Bajjer agreed to his offer and they set out the next day.
Using Uncle Bajjer’s knoweledge gathering skills, they looked through every city they came to to with no luck. After a while they felt a prescence. They could never pin-point it, but they were uneasy all the time. On a nice summer night when they were between cities, the prescence made itself known in quite a showy way. It appeared out of thin air and it scared poor Jerble intensely. Uncle Bajjer faced the new threat, as did Stephanios and prepared to fight. Jerble got up and looked at the enemy then was confused for a second ago he was crying inside for his uncle and now, he was getting ready to kill his uncle. He knew inside something was wrong but he went ahead and attacked anyways. Surprised, his uncle and Stephanios escape nearly unscathed and the mysterious enemy took Jerble.
Jerble remembers vague amounts of his journey from the camp where he attacked his uncle and stading on top of a burning tower but he does know that he merely needs to bide his time till he is rescued by someone. When that time comes he knows how to shrug the dweomer he has on him and help his saviours, whoever or whatever they may be.


Height: 3’ 8"
Weight: 48lb
Age: 49 (or as it looks on my papers, 49 x ears….)
Jerble’s skin is tanned from adventuring but narually a bit on the light side. His hair is a light brown, almost dirty blonde. It’s unkept and wild. The only effort he puts into his hair is to keep it out of his eyes and that it doesn’t look unapproachable. His eyes are the colour of moist earth in a garden and his eyebrows thin but slightly longer than normal. His nose is pointed, thin and a couple inches longer than a similarly sized human. His mouth is normal sized. His shoulders sit at a wide enough girth to look warrior like. His fingers a thin and strong. His feet have a moderate arch.
Clothing wise, he wears a cold-weather outfit, coloured green and brown in honour of the badger, along with his shiny Mithril Breastplate. He wields his Great Axe, which is adorned with glyphs of the stone dragon and diamond mind discipline. He carries his smaller gear in his belt pouch and the rest he hauls in his backpack. He straps his blanket on the outside of the backpack.
He wears a thirdeye, mettallic guantlets, mettallic (i think) bracers, a heroic looking necklace, a couple rings (one looking like a mini shield, the other looking like a rabbit), and brown boots that look like they’ve travelled a lot.


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