Crazy King

So, um

We’ve been in Karsis for a few days now. The others have been very busy exploring the city, but, that is to say, I think that The Tipsy Giant is nice too. Plus, I was pickpocketed when I went out into the city-not that I mind, I mean they probably needed it more than I do-so it’s probably for the best that I stay put. And, uh, this way everybody knows where I am, so if they need help they can uhm find me. And I’ve been taking care of everybody’s belongings when they want to go into the poorer neighborhood of Karsis-I wonder they were pickpocketed too?

A half-elf named, uhm, Imian has joined us now. He plays some very wonderful music on his rebek. I wish I could play an instrument like he does. I think he wants to play at the theatre, but nobody has payed him enough attention so far. I don’t know why-I would want him to play for me everyday. When we told Imian about how we were tasked to, uhm, find the Staff of Regulus, he thought that the King was probably evil and…and…I’m not sure what else, but even that he is evil is enough to worry me. I couldn’t be fooled like that, could I?

In lighter news, we also met a wonderful woman, Cora, who says that she is a Sea Elf. I’ve never heard of a Sea Elf before. The city sure has some interesting people. She got to meet the High Priest! And then when she came back she had a ring of his that he had given to her! And she offered it to me! Such kindness and generosity…I have to endeavor to be more like her. And, Pelor granting, I’ll get my own chance to visit the High Priest.

Thinking on Cora reminds me that her and I found…found some poor soul at the bottom of the well two days ago. To die in such a horrible place…I hope he found his way to Pelor’s side.

I have to keep hoping that Garem is alive and well too. I continue to pray.


This crypt, this damnable crypt.

So. Here I lay. In a Crypt. Under a furry gnome. and his smelly gopher familiar. Barley conscious. But at least the bleeding has stopped. Thats about all I can say thats been going right lately.

First i touch that black orb and get sent flying back having my hand morphed into some unnatural crypt spawn sort of thing. Ever since then my hand has been acting funny, glowing with strange colours. It only seems to respond to my commands on occasion. I want to know what this is, I cant return home to my love and my position something completely different. I have to remain the same. Change is unacceptable.

Then the damnable spawn of hell Waffle attempts to slaughter us. I did what I could but i seem more frail than my companions. A blow that would have felled me would only put a dent in Laji’s pride. It should be my job to protect them not the other way around. I feel more like a burden to the party then a help. I have to try harder, I cannot be a failure. Because the price of failure is far too high. The price for failure is death.

- Ungar Werevolt


We fought what remained of that beast Pancake as long as we could, but its ability to regenerate gave us a difficulty we hadn’t faced since that wretched Chain Devil. I, of course, was last to flee, though I hold no grudge against the others as such. I am glad the Gnome was able to escape with Werevolt in tow. I can only hope that Brian managed to get Garem out of harm’s way.

So here I am, hiding in some poor soul’s tomb, listening at the door for any sign of the beast whilst I tend to my own grievous wounds. Once healed, I can return to the fight, and Heironeous willing, we will emerge victorious!


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