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Schulario: I’d like to make a note to explore the well further. Cora received a spot check when she went in it, but failed.

Schulario: Like Alex said about the conflict between the mages and the clerics, we are not entirely positive whether it was the clerics of Hieroneous, St. Cuthbert, or Pelor, though it
seems most likely that it was the clerics of Hieroneous. Clarification on the exact
details of the rumour would be greatly appreciated!

Tadcken: Since we have been away from Karsis for so long, some amount of reinvestigation will be necessary. Some of these quests may no longer be necessary and new ones likely will have arisen. Any ideas on how to proceed with any of them?

TheWaxLion: @Tadcken: Imian thinks that it’s safe to say that Braffem’s son is dead (unless he is Gregthrall :P), so that quest is more or less at a dead end. As for finding out what’s what in Karsis, Imian would like the opportunity to enter the city invisible, and make his way to the Brotherhood’s headquarters. Once there, Imian can get the Brotherhood to help us as necessary.

Tadcken @TheWaxLion: I like that plan. Laji can certainly provide an invisibility spell. It would be a good idea to get a sense of the goings of the city at large before reappearing. No point in being caught unaware if we can help it. Perhaps Laji will accompany Imian and scout about other areas of the city while invisible.


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