Amulets, Brooch, Medallion, Periapt, Scarab

Skull Amulet of Bestow Curse [PH203]

Belt, Girdle


Letter from Werevolt
The Light of Pelor

Boots, Shoes, Slippers

Slippers of Spider Climb (with Jimpy, stolen from Werevolt) [PH283, DMG266]

Bracers, Bracelets

Cloak, Cape, Mantle

Eye Lenses, Goggles

Spectacles (2)

Gloves, Gauntlets

Headband, Hat, Helmet, Phylactery


Ink (2)
Trail Rations (9)
Masterwork Metal Cage (with Snorky)


Least Demolition Crystal [MIC65]
Sphere of Awakening [MIC186]


Electric Eel Elixir [MIC 158]
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (2)
Potion of Magic Circle Against Good
Potion of Resist Energy (Cold) [PH272]


Cedric the Nobles Ring
Ring of Mystic Fire [MIC 125]
Ring of Protection +2

Robes, Armour

Laji’s Flaming Robes of Opulence
Scholar’s Outfit
Ypes’ Fine Cold Weather Clothing


Lesser Rod of Empower (Up level 3, 3/day)


Greater Dimension Door
Mass Invisibility Scroll [PH245]
Knock [PH246]
Water Breathing [PH300]

Spell Components

Spell Paraphernalia

Spell Component Pouch


Gopher Staff


Bag of Holding I


Dented Silver Crown

Unidentified Items

Vest, Vestment, Shirt

Silk Shirt (Value around 275 GP)
Vest of the Master Evoker


Wand of Detect Magic (10 charges)
Wand of Enfeeblement (CL 3, 29 charges) [PH269]
Wand of Slow (11 charges)


Curvy Melted Dagger
Dagger (2)
Dagger +1
Steel Dagger


On Person: 10 gp, 13 cp
In the Hoard of Gregthrall: 1085pp, 6,799gp, 3,102sp, 28cp
Total Wealth: 59700
My Share: 14925

DM’s count:

I looked over all the loot you have, and roughly including the various purchases made and the -10k for the wall, this is what is of valued, as owned by the entire party (minus Jerble). It does not consider items that the party has used, however (notably scrolls/potions):

Coinage: 1085pp, 6,799gp, 3,102sp, 28cp

Jewels/Art: 300gp curved darkwood harp w/ ivory inlay and zircon gems, 700gp violet garnet, 60gp jet, 400gp oil painting of Cedric’s funeral, 600gp silver plated scabbard, 900gp mother of pearl naga statue, 100gp deep green spinel, 100gp gold anklet w/ bloodstone cabochons, 1,000gp emerald, 110gp jetx2, 110gp heraldic banner edged w/ swan feathers, 300gp velvet cloak w/ eagle feathers, 300gp life-size darkwood cat sculpture w/ yellow topaz eyes, 110gp amethyst, 110 golden pearl, 60gp coral, 60gp zircon, 50gp peridot, 90gp copper anklet plated w/ silver, 400gp silver comb w/ moonstones, 110gp vestiments w/ gold lining, 50gp jasper, 90gp amethyst, 200gp granite cup w/ staring eyes, 50gp carved bone statue, 200gp onyx hourglass set w/ malachite

Weapons: Rapier + 1, Battleaxe + 1, Dagger + 1, + 1 Blessed Mace, Unidentified Dagger, Unidentified Arrow

Armor: + 2 Breastplate, + 1 Heavy Steel Shield of Arrow Deflection, Studded Leather Armor of Healing, Heavy Mithril Shield, Bear Helm, Werevolt’s Jewelry set, Skull Amulet of Bestow Curse, Ring of Jumping + 5, Boots of Levitation, Boots of Dragonstriding, Ring of Protection + 1, 3 Unidentified Rings

Rods and Wands: Unidentified Rod, Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement, 10 Unidentified Wands

Scrolls: Scroll of remove paralysis, Scroll of Delay Poison, scroll of freedom of movement, scroll of water breathing (A), scroll of speak with dead, scroll of greater dimension door, scroll of mass invisibility, scroll of unseen servant, scroll of knock, potion of entropic shield vs. cold, scroll of heal

Potions and Poisons: potion of cure moderate woundsx8, potion of magic circle against law, Potion of Cure Moderate Woundsx4, Invisibilityx2, Remove Paralysis, Endure Elements, Aid, Levitate, Fox’s Cunning, Remove Fear, Gaseous Form, Magic Circle Against Good, Neutralize Poison, Bull’s Strength, Bear’s Endurance, Misdirection, Resist Energy (20 Fire), and Barkskin +4, Oil of darkness, Oil of Greater Magic Weapon +2, Oil of Greater Magic Weapon +3, Oil of Magic Vestment +2, Oil of Daylight, Electric Eel Elixer, Insanity Mistx3, Burnt Othur Fumes, Bloodrootx3, Malyss Root Paste

Misc: Sphere of Awakening, Least Demolition Crystal, Slippers of Spider Climbing, Decanter of Endless Waterx2, Eversmoking Bottle, Murylund’s spoon


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