The Braffam Son

Discovered by: Werevolt, using Listen

Where?: Food hall

Details: The Braffam boy is missing. Talaman said he suspected the vampire of this crime. He is almost certainly dead.

Course of Action: Find his corpse, return it to the family

Phillip is SOOOO Stoned

Details: Phillip, leader of the Brotherhood, was petrified by a group of Kenku who attacked the Brotherhood while we were attacking a giant. Who is behind this has yet to be revealed, though the Skullcrushers seems likely (Laji wrongly suspects Talaman). Talaman has alluded to the fact that the petrification cannot be cured through normal magic.

Course of Action: Find out who hired the hit on the giant. Subterfuge into the Skullcrushers? Complete “Hunting a Vampire” in order to gain the antidote for the petrification for Phillip.

Hunting a Vampire

Discovered by: Imian (sort of)

Details: The party has been hired to hunt a vampire for Lord Talaman, overlord and protector of the slums and its people. The vampire has been killing both slumfolk and clerics, although Talaman says that the beast seems to have been targeting clerics in particular. In exchange for the destruction of the beast, Talaman is willing to acquire an antidote to Phillip’s petrification poison. Most of the party believes that Talaman ordered the hit on Phillip (buggered Sense Motive) while Werevolt knows that Talaman is just making the best of a bad situation. Talaman has advised that the sewers beneath the slums are safe, due to his actions, and we should conduct our search elsewhere.

The Story so Far: We have explored various segments of the sewer system. Imian was hit by a dart while peering into the darkness of a sewer entrance. We explored the depths of this area, finding no dart thrower. Further exploration revealed a 100 ft. pit that has a hidden staircase. Werevolt flew down and found a passage with a cleric and wizard (members of the Heironeous clergy and Sapphire Staves, respectively). The passage ended in a door and had tapestries. The wizard demanded to know how we got there, and flew up to check on a missing fellow who was with them (any additional details to provide here?). The two were investigating (guarding?) the door. Laji can confirm that the bottom of the pit has a Clay Golem in it ;D

Having explored deeper past the door we were captured and tortured by mysterious creatures called Zern. It is now unclear if they are connected in any way to a vampire or are totally unrelated.

Course of Action: Investigate if there is any connection between the Zern and the vampire. Continue investigating the sewers for the vampire.

Information on the Foe

Details: Cora, reacting to Talaman strangely calling the vampire the foe, asked what Talaman knew about the Foe. He assured us he would tell us more about it after we have killed the vampire. He also has an extensive library to be looked through.

Course of Action: Finish the “Hunting a Vampire” quest and ask Talaman about this again.

The Troubles and Mysteries of Brian

Details: Brian seems to be withholding some amount of information. He refused to tell us something as we were walking to explore the sewers. Talaman seems to pester him a little bit much and he has been being a little suspicious. He mentioned wanting to meet the High Priest.

More urgently, Brian’s captivity with the Zern has left him ruined and faithless. Some efforts have been made to sway him back to the faith (although they were drunken efforts).

Course of Action: See how effective our efforts were to sway Brian back to the faith. After this we should ask Brian more about the nature of his relationship with us, why Talaman was pestering him, and what he is hiding.

Conflict between the Clerics and Wizards

Discovered by: Imian, while Performing

Where?: Food hall

Details: The wizards and clerics are in some kind of conflict.

Course of Action: Wait on more evidence or dismiss this as a rumour.


Discovered by: Imian and Laji

Where?: The depths of the Zern Lair

Details: We have freed and unwittingly ruined a Bladethrall who retains his mind and ability to reason. He seems amiable enough and willing to help the party.

Course of Action: Assist him in learning who he is or at the very least provide him with a new identity.

Searching for the Staff of Regulus

Details: Crazy King, puppet of the Foe, as his third quest to us after handling the forest (fetching the crown) and the crypt (where we found the orb). We are instructed to gather a staff named after Crazy King, which is revealed to be named the Staff of Regulus. The staff is in the port city of Karsis. One part has been taken by the Foe from the mage’s guild, with one piece remaining in the hands of the clergy of the High Temple. It is unclear where the gem portion of the staff is.

History: The staff was the weapon of the Foe. Check the link out!

Course of Action: Make sure we never finish this quest, since that would mean we are still serving the Foe! Keep the Staff from him however we can and defeat him. Finish the “Hunting a Vampire” quest to find out what Talaman knows. Determine the location of the gem.

Explore the Sewers

Explore the Sapphire Staves

Explore the Noble District

Explore the Market

Explore the Slums


Crazy King Tadcken