Crazy King

For all we have ventured, what have we gained?

I have of late been worried that we have already lost. The Cruel Edict’s information seems to confirm my suspicion that the Foe has been attempting to shape us, with some success I fear. I have long known that my time in the zerns’ lair made me colder, harder, but recent events have given me a glimpse of the extent of the damage. When the Goliath refused to give up his weapon, I was quite committed to seeing him die. He was a danger to our well-being, and so his life was forfeit in my eyes. But Brian called for another way, and such a way was found. Again I failed to see an alternative when we were presented with the foe’s ultimatum. Have I really lost my ability to value the lives of others? The Foe seems to want to twist us, to corrupt us. That is why Brian was made to suffer as he did, and I fear that without him we may let things slide, and that we may not regain our lost perspective.

…We. I keep saying we when I really mean to say “I”. How can I have allowed myself to fail like this? I must do better, somehow.



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