Crazy King

I no longer beleive in the impossible.

Things are quite now. For the first time in what feels like eons. The rage is quelled. replaced by an almost serene calm. The foe is dead. and I am still alive. oh, and the gods are gone… and not really gods… but that is a story for another time.

I don’t remeber much of the fight. Cold, pain, and sadness. Thats all there is to truly remember, and blackness. Besides Brian, i was the first to be knocked out of the fight. but from what I’ve been told Brian wasn’t stopped by mere death, holding on to his mortal coil through sheer force of will.

i don’t remeber much past that. darkness, the inability to focus on a singular thought. I can recall hearing screams of pain in my daze but at the time i couldn’t tell what they were. the next thing that i remeber is Laji slipping a neclace around my neck and kissing me. yelling we did it.

I dont know how long before we leave for the next stage of the jourey, and there will be one. but now, we rest.



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