The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is a company of mercenary fighters. Their doctrine is heavily influenced by the ideals of good, and refuses to take on any contracts that they deem too questionable.

The Brotherhood’s base of operations in Karsis is a large stone structure with murals of knightly deeds defamed by graffiti on the sides. The top of the building hosts an open arena surface.

Known Brotherhood members include:
Phillip Morrison, the leader of the guild, two identical clerics, and at least one spellcaster.

Laji Note: Phillip is currently petrified. Lenn Galeb is the second in command. Pulv is the seemingly Arian magic-user of the Brotherhood. The clerics are priests of Kord, an odd battle deity, and are named Tirrin and Torrin. There is a quiet monk named Abe. The Halfling Wesley met his end against the giant but has since been brought back. Two scouts also accompanied us: one named Eric, the other Duncan. Duncan is a bit odd, staying behind while Eric went ahead and following us around afterwards.

The Brotherhood

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