The city of Karsis was founded over 200 years ago, when a sudden upsurge of land caused nearby scholars to investigate the cause of the formation, and the river it spawned. Eventually a town formed around the formation as people congregated to the known source of income from the scholars, and the bounty of the land.

While only hosting a small population of only 5,000, including outlying farms, it is still considered to be one of the greatest cities in the nearby lands – boasting the High Temple of Heironeous, The Sapphire Staves Guildhall, and more. Due to this fame, and the weakness of militia that the few people inevitably cause, the city has come under attack a number of times, and so walls were constructed 43 years ago. Since that time, the city has yet to come under serious attack, and a general peace has come to rest over the land.

Karsis lies on the northern banks of Lake Nero.

History of Karsis


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