King Regulus has tasked you with finding a staff with his name. The last he heard of it was that it was in Karsis, and so he suggested you look there.

History of the Staff of Regulus
After a joint coalition of the Sapphire Staves and Clerics of Heironeous, the Foe was finally defeated. It’s castle was dismantled, all evil of the place either destroyed or sanctified. The staff, however, repelled either such thing, causing madness, deformity, and death on those who tried. Thus, the wizards and priests took the staff and jointly guarded it.

As other conflicts arose, and memory of the staff’s origin faded, the guard was reduced. Taking advantage of this, a daring thief stole the gem atop the staff.

The wizards and clerics, furious and suspicious of one another, split the staff and guarded the pieces individually, where they remain held today.

Laji Note: Sapphire Staves Guild Hall shaped like staff? Predates staff? Responsible for it’s creation? What powers does the staff have? Castle located where Crazy King’s is now? Karsis cannot be the site of the castle as the Foe attacked fledgling Karsis. Wisdom of taking it from the guild and temple when it is safely broken? In over my head. Can’t tell Werevolt I thought that…Wait a minute…thief? TALAMAN! THE STAFF IS IN THE HANDS OF THE TEMPLE TO HEIRONEOUS, THE SAPPHIRE STAVES AND TALAMAN! I AM SURE OF IT!!

I know that it was under the archmage Dominic that relations between the wizards and clerics soured and that they have been somewhat repaired since by the following archmage, Acar. Unclear on where thing stand for now…

Imian’s note: It seems at least possible that Regulus has the gem piece of the staff already. Granted, the orb is not really a gem, but the words of the legend could have become distorted with time.


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